Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid – A Quantum Biofeedback System

Where quantum physics – applied to biology – is experienced through technology. The EPFX/SCIO is capable of accurately normalizing underlying stressors, or energetic imbalances by providing the information needed for the body to balance itself. Through this, you are able to find the subconscious reasons for your lack of wellness relating to stress.

How does the EPFX/SCIO device work?

According to the developers of the EPRX, the device is able to:

  • Resonates:
    During scanning, the EPFX/SCIO device resonates with thousands of energetic signatures for one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which the body reacts. This type of rapid testing is known as the Xrroid process.
  • Measures:
    The EPFX/SCIO measures voltage and currently potential as well as skin resistance. To measure transcutaneous skin resistance, we apply a medically safe, variant micro-current to the body. The changes In voltage, amperage, and resistance give us reactivity profiles which determine the Xrroid.
  • Compares:
    The TPFX compares the tri-vector resonant frequencies – a complex mathematical calculation relating voltage, amperage and resistance – of the body with over 10,000 energetic signatures of compounds stored in our database.
  • Feeds Back:
    The EPFX/SCIO feeds back a client-directed Xrroid auto-focusing GSR (galvanic skin resistance) signal. This allows a variant micro-current EDS challenge for measuring electro-potential and GSR. Relaxation for stress and pain management are easily applied.

Did you know?

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Who is using it?

Currently there are thousands of health care practitioners using this system – Quantum Biobeedback and the EPFX/SCIO.

Medical Doctors, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Dentists, Kinesiologists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, as well as anyone who wants to incorporate personal relaxation for stress and pain management.

Let me help you get back to your best self.