Detox Foot Bath

What is an appointment like?

Toxins pulled from your body color the water

  1. First, schedule an appointment using the booking form by picking whichever available date and time works best for you or your group.
  2. An email will be sent to you containing details and the necessary forms.
  3. So we can get right to the good stuff and not waste time on forms, I prefer that you fill out the email-requested forms and email them back to me before your appointment.
  4. On your appointment day, I will arrive at the agreed-upon location with my supplies.
  5. While (or before) I fill up my foot bath tub with hot water from your tap, wash your feet with your usual soap and don’t apply any lotions or oils.
  6. Sit in your favorite chair or at a kitchen table chair. This is where I’ll set up the detox foot bath.
  7. Relax for 30 mins with your feet in the hot water.
  8. You may feel water movement like a carbonated soda pop because of the machine doing its work in the water.
  9. I'll rub lotion onto your feet when your session is done

  10. Once your 30 mins are up, I will dry your feet one at a time, rubbing in lotion.
  11. We will discuss what toxins we see in your foot bath.
  12. I will clean up and be on my way as you continue to relax or go about your day.
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Detox Foot Bath work is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment. If you are concerned about your health please seek medical advice from your medical provider. Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieves stress and supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective compliment to conventional medical care.
Let me help you get back to your best self.