– Muscle Testing Method –


Another way to muscle test the subject (person or animal) present in the room but who is unable to be tested for some reason.

One reason could be that they are:

  • in a coma
  • have shoulder problems
  • are a small child
  • an animal
  • dehydrated
  • has a neck misalignment
  • surfacing a Trapped Emotion

For any of the above issues, you may use surrogate testing. Your third person is your “plug in” – acting like an extension cord. In surrogate testing questions are directed toward the subject but testing on the surrogate person. If you don’t have a surrogate, no problem, I can be your surrogate for you. Also, this method can be tiresome so it is not common that I use this method. Another reason I don’t prefer this method is that sometimes, the answers are hard to hear and that person may not want to talk about it, so they will work to change their answers by flexing their arm at the opportune moment.

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