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Energies & Frequencies Explained

To understand the body and how energy healing works, we must understand energy.

Absolutely everything in this universe is made of nothing but pure, vibrating energy. Different things are vibrating at different frequencies, and these differences in vibration is what makes things appear and feel different from each other.

When you create a thought, you create energy, a vibration, a frequency. Did you know that when your body is at rest, it creates 100 watts of energy? Energy runs through your body (through your meridian system) and when you are healthy and strong, these vibrations and frequencies are optimized. Imagine a time when you were sick, you felt weak, right? Well, this is the same with your body’s energies. Trapped emotions (amongst other trapped energies) weaken and block the natural flow of things like protruding rocks in the creek so your body can’t heal itself.

Vibrating energy is the master ingredient in the universe, and is all around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays waves, infrared energy, thought waves and emotions. Quantum research reveals that energies behave in different ways depending on what the observer is expecting to see. Many physicists believe that the only explanation for this mysterious behavior is that the energies within the atom are themselves intelligent to some small degree.

  • Healthy Human Brain 71-90 MHz
  • Healthy Human Body (overall) 62-68 MHz
  • When you have cold symptoms 58 MHz
  • When you have cancer 42 MHz
  • When you begin to die 25 MHz
  • Processed or Canned Foods 0 MHz
  • Fresh Produce (depending on how fresh) 10-15 MHz
  • Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz
  • Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 52-320 MHz
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