What Does

Physically Present

Relieving With

Therapies Using Machines

Machines touching skin, let the benefits begin!

Amongst my collection of healing skills, I have a few devices that I’m always excited to use to give clients great healing benefits! Some work with lights to relieve pain and erase cell memories. Some work with energizing cells to encourage speedy recoveries. Some work with frequencies to identify what’s potentially wrong with your body as to fix it… These unfortunately cannot be used remotely, they must be touching your skin to work with the energies in your body. THIS is what I mean by “Physically Present”. Yes, we CAN do remote therapies (like body code) together if it is convenient for both of us but it’s not necessary like what the machines need to work.

Stay Hydrated

Remember that your body is made of about 70% water, and that water is the conduit for energies that flow through your body. If you are dehydrated, the energy healings don’t work as well…and sometimes not at all. Staying hydrated overall is healthy for you. For optimal results, drink 6-8 ounces of water before any session we do together. Coffee drinker? You’ll need two cups of water for every one cup of coffee (or tea) you drink. Drinking alcohol will hinder optimal energy healings as well.
Schedule an Appointment
I offer a single session among my package sessions and recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to give you an opportunity to experience this safe, enlightening, and gentle form of releasing energy blocks. Once purchased, these session do not expire, and you may add additional sessions as you experience the benefits of this gentle healing.

Let’s peel back some of those unwanted layers. Let’s work on getting you back to your best self.

Physically Present Therapy work is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment. If you are concerned about your health please seek medical advice from your medical provider. Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieves stress and supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective compliment to conventional medical care.
Let me help you get back to your best self.