What is


The Tool to

Influence future behavior

Biofeedback counseling is an innovative counseling technique used to teach awareness about the body’s unconscious physiological processes. It is effective in teaching patients how to alleviate stress and to take control of their own health.

Biofeedback is used to influence or modify future behavior.

Biofeedback a process for teaching clients how to relax in order to manage their stress and to re-educate their muscles in order to manage their pain and suffering. Biofeedback involved attaching sensors or electrodes to the body that provide a variety of readings – instant feedback – on things such as skin temperature, muscle tension and brainwave function.

What is stress?

The National Institute of Health says 80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress. “Get rid of the stress and you cure yourself”. (NTCB)

Stress may result from a large number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Emotional issues (anxiety, depressions, attention short span)
  • Employment
  • Low self-concept, whether caused by bacterial, fungal or viral infections, poor nutrition, toxic chemicals, hormonal imbalances or other means, anger, hostility, feeling ashamed, feeling inferior superior, is associated to stress.
  • Medical conditions, diseases or disorders (asthma, clinical depressions, anxiety)
  • Overworking or irregular attendance at work.
  • Psychological conditions, diseases or disorders (impaired concentration, worry, irritability)
  • Relationship problems of any kind.
What can biofeedback do?
  • Relax tenses muscles.
  • Re-educate muscles.
  • Inquiry about habits and personal values.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduce clinical anxiety or depression.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Manage pain.
  • Inquiry about pain.
More common beneficial side effects that may be experienced during or after a biofeedback session include:
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction in anxiety, depression and/or anger
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of spasms, palsy and tics (strained muscles)
  • Reduction of hypertension and blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation in legs and feet
  • Reduction of heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Reduction in pathological symptoms (fibromyalgia, migraine, hypertension, chronic pain.)
  • Reduction in dizziness or vertigo
  • Clients may cure themselves
  • Increase in the ability to focus
  • Increase in ability to pay attention
  • Increase in ability to concentrate
  • Increase in short-term memory skills
  • Increase in long-term memory skills
  • Increase in physical strength and/or mobility (re-educate muscle)
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I offer a single session among my package sessions and recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to give you an opportunity to experience this safe, enlightening, and gentle form of releasing energy blocks. Once purchased, these session do not expire, and you may add additional sessions as you experience the benefits of this gentle healing.

Let’s peel back some of those unwanted layers. Let’s work on getting you back to your best self.

Biofeedback work is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment. If you are concerned about your health please seek medical advice from your medical provider. Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieves stress and supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective compliment to conventional medical care.
Let me help you get back to your best self.